Skylar Adwell

2018 Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen

Skylar is both honored and excited to be your Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen 2018! Skylar is a 14-year-old attending Floyd Central High School. She resides in Georgetown, Indiana with her mom Dina and sister Abbie. Skylar works with the platform “Rainbows, Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Parent” after losing her dad at a young age. Her mission is to befriend and help kids who have lost a parent. She works with children with special needs both inside and outside of school, as she dreams to become a speech pathologist when she grows up! She wants to be the titleholder she once looked up to for everyone in the community, as well as promote her platform during her year of service.

Photos of our Queens courtesy of Cody Tevis at Pursue Media.

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